Lilaj: It’s a honour to wear red&black jersey

Sabiel Lilaj spoke on the eve of the friendly match that our natinal team will play tomorrow with Turkey national team in Antalya.

The white midfielder gave his opinion about his return to the national team, some words about Albanian tean manager, Christian Panuçi and the positive performance with Skenderbeu team.

NATIONAL  TEAM – “I’m glad that i am back with the National team after a long time, it’s a honour to get back and wear red&black jersey . I’m well prepared and I hope tomorrow will play a few minutes. Our main objective is to get a good result. We will get out to pitch and give our best. Let’s do our best tomorow and ‘fight’ for a good result. ”

ROLE – “Of course, i prefer to play ahead of the defense, I feel good in that position because I play in the same position with Skenderbeu.”

COACH – “I did not met the coach before coming here, i meet him in Antalya for the first time, but that is not important, it’s important for me to play, to give the maximum and that he remains satisfied.”

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