Daja: Satisfied with the second half

After the final whistle, Skenderbeu coach, Ilir Daja spoke to the media saying he was satisfied with the team performance  in the second half, however the white&red technician has advised his players to share the same mentality in both match fractions.

MATCH – “The draw was the most fair result after 90’minutes.We should have been more relaxed in the first half. We missed the presence of Lilaj on the midfield. We put the rivale team several times in difficultybut they punished us with a standard kick. I am happy for the winner’s mentality that we showed in the second half. I am not happy with the performance the new players showed in the first half, they should keep the 11th base pace. We believe that we are on the right track.”

Asked about the reaction of Donjet Shkodra, technician Daja said: “I will look at the reaction calmly. It’s important to have a good spirit. Maybe he was bored with the appearance rather than the substitution but we all have an emotional boost after the game. We will clarify these episodes if the reaction has been in violation of the club’s internal regulation “

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